We recommend a short pole with reel, this pole is used for the retriever line and you should select at least 30 pounds or more.
This line is tied to the eye-ring on the retriever, see below.
Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever - Top view from the back toward the front of the retriever

When you got snagged, don’t pull or force by pulling so hard on your snagged line.
It will make it harder as your hook bite deeper into whatever it is snagged to.

Just send Tasun down to retrieve your snagged lure.

How to use Tasun
1. Turn cap counter clockwise to remove the cap from the retriever
2. Insert the snagged line into the open-slot at the bottom of the retriever
3. Close the cap by turning it clockwise – ONLY 2 turns – Otherwise you will damage the cap & thread of the retriever

Let go the retriever
Make sure you have plenty of slack , because you want the retriever to slide down the snagged line freely without any resist.
As Tasun slides down the snagged line gaiining speed & force.
At point of impact, Tasun pounds and knocks the snagged hook loose, at the same moment, it forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-load hooking wire and lock it in place.
All you need to do now is to rell your retriever’s line back to you.


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