Tasun Lure Retriever – Simply the Best

Welcome to Tasun lure retriever. Thanks for visiting us.        Angela showing Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever

Simply the best, most effective and efficient Lure Retriever that works every time.
No moving parts, No external hooks, No chain-links attached to the lure retriever.
So simple to use and works every time, small enough to fit in your pocket.
Locking Cap so the lure retriever will not come off its track.

Awesome and slick design.
Tasun not only designed utilizing its weight to knock loose snagged lure,
At impact, Tasun forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-load wire and lock the swivel-ball in place.
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US Patent Pend.
Have you been using other retrievers and are not happy with their performance?
Have you lost your retriever and never retrieve your snagged lure? Does it sound familiar?